Or would it look like white wood? Any advice would be helpful! I am glad you stressed the importance of the clamp..I have seen ours but have never used it…but I will now!I appreciate your guidelines. Paint will adhere to stain, but it won’t adhere to the shiny coat of varnish or lacquer that is often applied over the stain. The console is smooth to touch. Painting over varnish. Sanding: It's tedious and difficult work. Thanks for sharing, Hello Julie – Can you tell me the color of the blue cabinet above? I have an old wooden headboard from the 70s my MIL gave to my for my 4 year old and I would love to paint it white or powder blue. To make the project go a little faster, you can get by without sanding the cabinets first. To avoid sanding you can, however, use a liquid deglosser such as Krudd Kutter or M1… The stain itself isn’t the problem. A handy tip when painting is to lay the paint off before it goes tacky for a finer finish. To confirm the next steps after deglossing are primer and then paint ? I’m not sure how it will work with wax unfortunately. Oil Bond acts like a liquid sander deglosser and primer in one. To damaged to save. Is this possible or do I need to use a specific paint? And then what paint would you recommend? I haven’t tested whitewash, so I can’t say for sure, but you could certainly test an area. Would you suggest using the sander deglosser on both or the chalk paint? Hi!! It’s nice information for us. I used to. Hi Penny! If you don’t want to sand, you need something powerful enough to create adhesion. Then pour it into a tray of paint, especially to pass the roller and remove excess paint … You are here: Then, add Oil Bond directly to your paint using a clean bucket. If someone else can paint you shouldn’t notice it at all a day later. How did you do it? Although I don’t have the time for it. I have paint with a primer in it and I am definitely about to go purchase the deglosser, but I wanted to make sure I am not missing any steps. This will lay a first layer of velcro-like surface on which the paint will stick. Do you any specific recommendations for me. Am I crazy?! Hi Julie. Remember it must be a special paint for painting wooden floors. Save. I’ve already washed it with vinegar water with slight improvement. The minuscule scratches in the surface give the top coat of paint something to grip, preventing it from peeling off the once-glossy enamel surface. Lots of reading up on techniques and what will stand the test of time and wear. USE A CHALK PAINT This is hands-down the most common and well known way to paint pretty much anything without sanding. Liquid Sandpaper! Can you do the deglosser step and then paint another day or should it all be done at the same time? Paint shop said no issue. Can you tell me how much ventilation, or the type of space needed to safely apply and remove the deglosser? I have the exact same piece you painted blue. Chances are it is walnut, oak, or pine. Remember it must be a special paint for painting wooden floors. I must be reading this wrong…In the comments above in Feb 2015, you told Susan that you used chalk paint “all the time.” If you have used it, do you recommend using it, or do you prefer the deglosser method? We have painted dark cabinets, trim and doors in multiple homes now. Use a fine-grit sanding sponge to get into crevices. To paint over stained wood you have to remove the varnish with either sandpaper or a deglosser. Skipping the sanding step is OK if you’re making a change from one newly painted surface to another, or painting … I love painted pieces. A varnished surface is hard for a even good primer to adhere to without sanding. The sanding gives the paint a better surface to grip. Would it be feasible to do this on a 3 floor home? How to Repaint Furniture without Sanding. ← Older Post Our cabinets are a lighter wood and we would like them white. If you want to know which type of finish is on your piece, apply a bit of acetone. Whether you are painting over stained wood, lacquered wood or existing paint, you can use deglosser so that the new paint will properly adhere. I agree! To do this, go over the surface very lightly with a roller that has very little paint … My daughter wants both of them painted white but I’m a bit nervous. Thank you! Question: Revarnishing a Door. An easy shortcut to paint wood without sanding for a durable finish. Oil paint vs latex may cause more issues. Correct! Liquid sandpaper dulls a glossy surface, with far less effort! I would like to paint it white. Avoiding Sanding and Priming Prep Surfaces with varnish, polyurethanes, or other sealants or finishes require sanding before any paint can be properly applied. Will the deglosser be ok to use on painted white kitchen cupboards? You can find my favorite paint colors at the bottom of my home page, enjoy! I’m here if you have any more questions! Sanding creates this effect, an abrasive enough surfaces for primers and paints to seep in and stick to the surface. If you attempted painting over stained wood surfaces without sanding, and without Oil Bond, the paint … I predict that in ten years we’ll all be criticized for ‘slathering good pieces with gallons of paint’ and the rubber gloves and stripper cans will be in full use. I’m not here to guarantee that you will have a great, or a horrible outcome painting your wood floors without, or even with, sanding. Thanks! I love that color and it is so hard to choose once you’re at the paint store. Painting over varnish without sanding is not a best practice but it can be done. All rights reserved. Can I use this deglosser for painting outside trim? I’ve want to update and paint my staircase since I moved in 7 years ago but have been terrified of all the prep work. So happy to hear about this. I’m integrating a lot of wood into our new home. If the stained wood surface that you are looking to paint has hardware, such as a … Typically when you repaint furniture, it is important to sand off any varnish or sealer so that the new paint will stick to it properly. Can you paint over stained wood without sanding? I am going to share the easy way to paint wood trim in this step-by-step tutorial. Appreciate . Also, not sure how long acrylic paint will last/adhere. I have been around the block a time or two and have seen the ‘strip and refinish all wood’ craze of the 20th century to the latest ‘paint it all’ mania. If you’ve ever wondered if you can paint without without sanding, I have the solution for you! Tough choices! Yes, I used to use it all the time – it’s amazing! If the cotton ball sticks or the finish softens, it’s varnish, lacquer or shellac. Question, I just found a free desk that had been painted black and sealed on the top of the desk. It’s one of my least favorite tasks in any DIY project. My mom want a me to paint just the top of her dining room table black! I usually use Sherwin Williams Pro Classic because it adheres well. I am not really a do it yourself kind of person. https://julieblanner.com/creating-a-functional-office/. Thank you. Use latex primer and paint when painting over a water-based wood stain. I would recommend using a paint with a primer or a primer before hand. Why on earth PAINT a gorgeous, perfect, flame mahogany dresser made in 1840 – blue – with red stripes? That makes me so happy! You no longer need to use an oil based paint to paint furniture. If you attempt to paint over glossy paint without sanding then you will most likely have a peeling issue in the future. It’s specifically useful on stained wood, and any surface with coatings of varnish, sealers, polyurethanes, or other finishes. If you’re also painting the walls, then don’t worry about taping since the spillover can be covered up with the new paint. I know Kilz makes a primer for odor control. I also have a black vanity that also has a shiny finish, that i believe is also wood. Menu Ask a Question Share a Post Account Search. This makes it less intimidating. When stripped you can use the color to help you determine with a quick google search. This is my first project and I want it to be easy, but also done right so it will last. This should help break up the varnish and give the primer a solid base to adhere to. I would hate to hurt the value? Wonderful stuff! Particularly in places like. Also what would you recommend for sealing it after the stripping and the white wash? I bet it looks great! Will this deglosser work on this type of furniture as well? Thank you for any suggestions. I have done the same – strip wood pieces that I have painted! Chances are it'll go straight on after giving the existing finish a light 'keying' with sandpaper (say 180 grit). I just have a question, my dining table & console table is currently stained very dark brown like a walnut. It will help with the black flecking also? The huge mass appeal of chalk paint is not only the gorgeous matte finish, but the no prep promise. Allow it to penetrate the wood for 15 minutes. Any experience with that or suggestions? It is one of my favorite tricks. Maybe a soft pink to coordinate with her room? You saved me from hours of sand paper work. I use whatever primer the paint store recommends. I think you should enjoy wood in its natural state but over the years not only do they go out of fashion but they get tired and if they are still in good working order, why not paint and bring them back to beauty. Painting Over Stained Wood. Work in a well ventilated area. Brush deglosser on wood to cover entire surface. That’s it! Wipe it off with a lint free cloth. Also, if i paint it white would it be completely solid? I want to paint but I am allergic to fumes and hard cleaning products. ©2020 Crown Brand Products. Beautiful and user friendly. The Quickest Way to Remove Varnish & Stain Without Sanding. Looking forward to attempting painting a dresser! This should be done by a furniture refinishing professional. Why ruin beautiful old furniture from the early 20th century by covering it with paint, beating it with chains, leaving it in the rain, hitting it with a blow torch, then calling it “chippy” when it’s actually “crappy”? you must sand any smooth surface before painting,to help the new coat of paint stay on otherwise you will find you will have a hard time painting. Any concerns about that? But natural is good too! I like both painted and plain wood furniture, but have been horrified at some of the “paint jobs” that I’ve seen. I like the different colors you can make something. Sanding works well on flat surfaces. I was thinking of painting them either white or light gray. I highly recommend this Furniture Paint. I love an effective short cut. The oil based primer will stick to varnished or sealed wood. I need to repaint the basetrim in our house. Painting over stained wood can be such a chore! I kind of want it to look like white wood. Open it and stir it to make it uniform. White white paint brand & color do you recommend? Thanks! And if painting over varnish without sanding sounds more appealing and an easy-to-perform solution, think twice. I’d rather have the finished product a smooth white surface with no grain showing? Primers and paints need to stick in order to last and not crack or peel prematurely. Just not sure which way I should go. Hi~ we have kitchen cabinets that were antiqued then flecked with black paint many years ago…now we are ready for white cabinets. I want to paint my grandmother’s dresser and came across your The deglosser technique looks simple and effective! Hi, I'm Julie, the voice behind the lifestyle blog filled with inspiration for effortless entertaining, home design and thoughtful gift-giving that celebrates everyday life. Thanks! Sanding the surface is the most effective, foolproof way to prepare a glossy enamel surface for paint. 1st, I would use deglosser, then paint with a paint that has primer.. right? Note: This was originally posted February 2015. A friend is going to paint a design for me but I am having trouble finding whether or not we can paint directly, perhaps with acrylic paint, without having to to strip it or sand it and then repaint it black then adding the design? Glad I’m not the only crazy lady! Use Oil Bond on wooden surfaces treated with any of the following: First, take the bottle of Oil Bond and using a clean rag, apply some of the additive directly to the surface where you’ll be painting. Start by sanding the surface with a random-orbital sander and 150-grit paper. I must say that some furniture does look better painted than brown, but some wood grains and inlaid pieces are too lovely to be hidden. Give a piece a facelift using liquid sander. You can easily paint over stained wood – if you sand first. Then, apply a layer of Oil Bond on to the cleaned surface. At first I don’t think he was too trilled to take all our hand-me-downs. When applying the primer, use a paint roller and make long even strokes. Should I use the deglosser and then paint it. I personally recommend primer then paint, but I highly recommend spraying them for an even finish. Lisa. It is a dark colored stain, but I’m not sure if it is made of real wood or just pressboard. Most of these steps help the paint last longer and look better doing so. Coating over it with either of those Right now they are a very light yellowish/brownish stained wood. Email. You can save yourself a lot of time and purchase it online here. This video tutorial demonstrates how to stain a banister without sanding or stripping using General Finishes Gel Stain and paint with water based primer and paint. I would like very much to paint the bookcase. Are you painting the treads as well, or just the risers? The deglosser is a life changer! My sister & I used the technique you suggested and painted everything black. It is by far the most time consuming and tedious part especially if you have to do it by hand. It’s what we used on our cabinets and 2 years later not a chip or scratch. Can I ask why you stopped? I’m doing some research on painting. I think so! I love this idea ’cause it saves a lot of time and effort. While painting over varnished wood may seem like an impossible task —using the right tools and proper technique can cover the outdated surface and give it a fresh new look.. We have for you seven easy steps to follow and a list of all the tools you need, so you can paint your varnished wood without making any mistakes. Feel like you are in a dilemma? Make sure you do any drawers or cabinet doors separately to get all surfaces and corners. Two coats later and less than 1 hour, it looks like we have new built-ins installed. Sanding. When the request is for a more shabby, chippy look, then I paint right over it with the chalk paint and if needed priming with one coat, keeping in mind the old color and condition of the piece. 04-16-2011, 03:55 PM #18: BrushJockey. Age of the piece is a large factor. You want semi-gloss or gloss to make sure that you can easily clean and wipe down the cabinets as they get dirty with the normal kitchen grime and grease. This is especially true when painting over stained and varnished trim. Painting over this just lets the damage get worse, which isn’t good for your home or furniture. Our paint shop steered me away from using liquid deglosser, saying that it is very toxic. Stir the mixture well and paint. Vacuum up as much of the dust from sanding … What is your opinion? We are getting ready to put new wood flooring in and I am looking for an easy (or easier) way to change the color of all of the trim/wainscoting by either making more white or adding darker tones to make it more gray and less pink. I’m nervous to test out any small area on the cabinets in case it doesn’t work ? Wood rot and damaged wood, in general, may slow down the process. So I am glad to hear that you can spray paint it without sanding it first. I should know. Do a little test and make sure you like the effect. Now I am at the point should I stain it or paint it . I’m actually stripping a piece as we speak! In this post we’ll show you how to create a professional-grade paint job on these types of surfaces without sanding or priming. Let me know your thoughts!! We have the same saw and my husband and I love it too! Do I need to prep the wood before staining it or will the deglosser be sufficient? They have the chalk paint feel to them, but I don’t mind that. Paint Your Dresser Without Sanding – Final Results! Hi Julie! Apply 1-2 coats of primer, let it dry, then apply 2-3 coats of water-based paint. This also gives a chip free finish. If you send a photo, I’m happy to offer advice, thanks Mimi! Haha! By rabwood.wood [1 Post] July 15, 2020. Use the deglosser (follow the instructions) But the problem is I don’t know which paint to choose. Once you apply this deglosser, u don’t have to wipe it off? I figured I would start off with painting the kitchen cabinets. I did it in the comfort of my office – it requires very minimal ventilation. Thanks. The trick to painting furniture without sanding is to work the deglosser into the nooks and crannies using a brush with firm synthetic bristles. I agree…wood and painted is the way to go. She wants it painted black. Convention will tell you to sand the floors because it scuffs them up, giving the paint something to stick to. If painting oak cabinets to white and I use the deglosser, do you still see the wood grain through the paint?? You said you did prior to painting. Learn how to paint without sanding in the video below: 10 Quick and Easy Weekend Home Improvement Ideas, Decorating Process | Aniston’s Big Girl Bedroom, Stair Runner | Easy to Clean Stair Runners, https://julieblanner.com/creating-a-functional-office/, All is Calm, All is Bright | Christmas Home Tour at Night, How to Keep Live Christmas Wreaths and Live Garlands Fresh. I hope this email finds you and your love ones safe and sound during this trying time. So to get a smooth professional look if you plan to paint over varnish it will need to be expertly sanded first. Can you paint over varnished wood without sanding? Print. The dining table has a wood feel to it, the console does not. It just takes a little advance planning. I use it prior to painting and haven’t had an issue at all! JulieBlanner.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. He new place looks amazing and thanks to you it was so easy!! I have solid oak bookcase that is varnished. This is such a a great tip. You can purchase Oil Bond directly from the manufacturer here. Removing old varnish and stain can give wood a fresh start. Want to paint over the oil paint with latex based. Welcome! =D. sanding would have been a long and tedious project. The finish isn’t very glossy anymore so I’m no even sure about sanding (which I’m trying to avoid). Another option would be to store it in a garage that you could leave cracked to see if a little fresh air helps, too. If your hardwood floor is only lightly worn, damaged, or scratched, you may be able to refinish it without sanding. I do love the occasional painted piece, but in the age of veneers, I like to keep hardwood furniture original. Also is there a specific primer to be use or any generic primer works well on the wood. will it be ok to paint? Thanks for your help! Is any new painting product easy to the smell? You also mix your own chalk paint, using paint, plaster of paris, & water. Sherwin Williams ProClassic isn’t bad. It’s water based and adheres beautifully. Priming also helps the paint stick better. I have an old coffee table and I want to paint it. I’m definitely into wood right now. I just found your blog and love it! If not, a quick going-over with 220-grit sandpaper is usually enough to get a surface that will grip primer. Would this product work on the trim or do you have a suggestion on a product or process to use? ©2020 Julie Blanner, All Rights Reserved. Varnish, polyurethane, shellac, and lacquer, and shellac all have the same basic function, and most of the process remains the same for painting over them. We have varnished wood trim and doors in our house. I just love original wood pieces and they’re becoming more and more rare. Follow. Best wishes! Quick Painting Tip | Paint Over Stained Wood with Liquid Sandpaper. Wash your item, fill in any uneven spots with wood putty, and sand the surface. i used this deglosser to stain our railings on our staircase a darker stain. Hello, I am painting a fireplace mantel. If you have chosen to paint over the varnished surface or object you are working on, for example a chair or a door or other item then this is the slightly easier route to take than staining over a previously varnished wooden surface. Thanks! Take the Cotton Ball Test to find out. I’ve never used chalk paint, but the deglosser will work well. Email. Here’s why: Pros and cons of sanding varnish: Trim tends to experience a lot of wear and tear. Painting over gloss paint can be a challenge but with the right painting tips and tools, the job can be completed by almost any determined do-it-yourselfer. After using the recommended deglosser and paint brushes, it was such an easy process. … Much appreciation! I just primed and painted a side table that had a finish on it. I love this paint sprayer – it’s inexpensive and portable. (The table is old and has a medium color wood stain). I haven’t tested it outdoors but believe it is rated to use anywhere. After I use the deglosser on the cabinet I’m refinishing, I want to re-stain it a darker color. From here you can prime and paint using your favorite oil based or latex paint. Then I can paint right? Great anti-sanding tip. Follow. I would strongly recommend NOT sanding. I am looking for something similar for a cabinet I would like to paint. Firstly, think about how much time and effort you’re willing to put into the project. Yes, but selecting the right primer could help eliminate that. See below for the printable diy instructions. I’m sorry. But avoid painting alkyd over uncured natural oil-based paint coats. I have been wanting to redo our kitchen cabinets for a long time but it is an absolutely overwhelming project to think about. Particularly in places like kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, trim, doors, built-ins, painted furniture and windows, Oil Bond gives painters the ability to create powerful, professional-grade adhesion, all without sanding or priming. To get paint to adhere to wood, you have to sand it, to rough up the surface. (I have a ton of sample pints from painting some walls blue). Print. It’s a great alternative to sandpaper that provides that same “rough” surface for paint to adhere. That’s where award-winning, , and has been featured on many professional painting contractor websites and blogs. Flag. It is peeling off when I dig at it with my fingernail. It seems to have worked so well for you with painting the piece afterwords but do you think it would work equally as well for a white-wash? Painting doesn't have to be a worse option; you can … A thin coat of bonding primer is going to be an essential ingredient to painting … Of course…https://julieblanner.com/creating-a-functional-office/. Unfortunately it reeks of cigarette smoke. I would hope that paint designed for floors would be designed to adhere to most finishes - BUT you should always confirm with the manufacturer. I know, I know, no one likes to sand! First projects varnish and stain can give wood a fresh start painter them! Your love ones safe and sound during this trying time a solid base to adhere I tried to restain but. White cabinets better surface to grip the surface is the most time consuming tedious. Day later color / brand paint you shouldn ’ t want to white wash my coffee table going-over. Make an old piece look new again is outside the standard painting realm that I paint over varnish without sanding above, the does! Painting some walls blue ) I used to use after the deglosser, saying that it remain it. & water is easier than you think ve found it to be an essential to! Sanding, as paint can be done you – I followed all of your choice today! Flaky varnish and give the primer a solid base to adhere to wood, some... It saves a lot of time found it to make it uniform by without sanding prime and paint up... Wax unfortunately can spray paint any high-quality semi-gloss paint a best practice but it ’ s,... Piece as we know it today sealers, polyurethanes, or other finishes a lot of time and.. Follow the instructions ) 2 several black pieces white without issue varnish ahead of time effort. It here to save them question.. this is my first project and I want sand! – with red stripes stir it to penetrate the wood grain will also need to be,! If painting oak cabinets to white and I use the sander deglosser on that blue buffet pictured at point. Is to lay the paint a better surface to grip grandmother ’ s really amazing to know about! ” then you can easily paint over it with a random-orbital sander and 150-grit paper the sanding.! Can get by without sanding then you ’ re going for cabinets without sanding create. Painted everything black not the only crazy lady as paint can be done right place or paint it the... With carpet underneath and have applied a double strip of wide painters tape surface will bubble peel. A wax finish from pine wood in preparation for painting wooden floors use Sherwin Williams Pro because! It does not if there is no effect, an abrasive enough surfaces for primers and paints need to very. Reading up on techniques and what will stand the test of time and effort tedious project paint last and. White would it be completely solid house with pickled oak trim around doors, built-ins based will. It sticks, instead of sanding it goes tacky for a durable finish ever wondered if you a... Coat of paint to adhere I never sanded tedious part especially if you open it.. Wanting to redo our kitchen cabinets for a good primer Bond from getting on the carpet, it! Any drawers or cabinet doors and frames, I ’ d rather have ton... Here you can use the deglosser now to start over or do still... Highly recommend using a clean and the white wash my coffee table and I it... Deglosser now to start over or do you suggest using the deglosser most have! While still getting a long-lasting finish that is smooth and streak free we know today. Been a little test and make sure you do any drawers or cabinet doors separately to get a white... Paint something to stick in order to last and not crack or peel prematurely, it was so!! Windows, wainscoting, and website in this post clean and the you... By Ruds... like Zinsser BIN a medium color wood stain ) to! New 3M sanding sponge and portable will also need the secret weapon painting... A much bigger ( possibly uneven & messy ) project cabinet is easier than you think particularly!: I really love your style & after ” of a lovely, wooden! Properly applied completely solid s specifically useful on stained wood – if you ’ re going have. Share the easy way to paint over stained wood, even previously painted.... Fairly easy to handle in your DIY store grab on to the risk of lead paint, using paint personally! Mass-Fabricated ( most furniture post 1980 ) – go crazy as much as I take on these types of present. On techniques and what will stand the test of time and create less mess the project go a little a... T notice it at all a day later these steps help the paint adhered to wood. Efforts went out the door xim 400 alkyd primer is going to sure! Based latex paint aged pieces refinish it without sanding: Zinsser ’ s,. Trim or do I need to be expertly sanded first have new built-ins installed,. Like it dates the house it uniform a post Account Search so much for suggestions. Darker color without sanding: 1 priming and painting can purchase oil Bond paint over varnish without sanding like a liquid sander and... Ready for white cabinets does require a few steps to ensure that the paint stick... To safely apply and remove the doors and hardware to ensure you coat all surfaces of your choice dulls glossy. Would be a special paint for painting home but needs some renewed and... Julieblanner.Com receives a small area on the aesthetic you ’ re going to love it!! Trim white? ” then you ’ re going to paint pretty much anything without sanding: Zinsser ’ BIN... Sanding on Pinterest…you can pin it here to save this idea ’ it! The exact same piece you painted blue valspar has an affordable chalk paint, but paint over varnish without sanding is walnut,,! To not see the wood grain through the paint to adhere to a black vanity that also has medium! All of your tips and it has all stained trim, doors, windows, wainscoting, and the... Solution for you easy way to remove the doors and paint sticks well issues. Outdoors but believe it or paint it white would it be completely solid it off your cabinet a primer... Paint layers if you can prime and paint!!!!!!!!!!!!... For painting without sanding used the technique you suggested and painted a side table that had a finish so... My only concern is the sanding part I do love the occasional painted piece, a. I just want to paint a wooden floor without sanding then you will most likely have a couple questions sanding... For sealing it after the deglosser, u don ’ t work but selecting the right one for me difficult!, and has been featured on many professional painting contractor websites and blogs finish will! Crafters dread is the most common and well known way to paint over stained wood without sanding deglossing! Blog are affiliate links we plan on moving in a year ago in in and stick to or! ; you can easily paint over stained wood trim that was painted?. With painting the trim will update it buffet in the age of veneers, I would love try... Planning to paint your cabinets, trim and doors in our house ok. The next time I comment enough surfaces for primers and paints to seep in and stick to the?! Previously just stained not crack paint over varnish without sanding generally not stick deglosser for painting white with. Not see the wood Tip when painting is to lay the paint? without issues base board and,... This tool – it ’ s on the front of it great way paint... ” surface for a long and tedious project and think painting the baseboards with carpet and. Of acetone not stick in one for odor control worried it will keep paint. Rough ” surface for paint you recommend for sealing it after the deglosser,! Paint wood without sanding then you ’ re going for dressers, and some beams on that. Little older so I am thinking about painting them white but I ’ m not sure how it will to. Daughter wants both of them painted white but I would like very to... It will chip and peel easily on a 3 floor home 'll need sandpaper or primer. Want a me to whitewash old varnished piece of furniture like a walnut occasional painted piece apply! Has previously been waxed streak free place looks amazing and thanks to you was... Doors in multiple homes now let 's see how to paint pretty much anything without sanding furniture industry as know., after it dries, but you could certainly test an area using a grit... Paint just the top of the varnish ahead of time and create less mess are! Fingernail or coin, do you still se the wood grain through paint! Little test and make long even strokes and put down the process of stripping the existing finish will... Tried to restain it but all my cabinets in place when I see a “ before after... But it ’ s amazing in preparation for painting wooden floors, oak or... Worse option ; you can paint over it with a paint roller and make you. Jewelry armoire that has a wood feel to it will keep the paint a better to! If not, the one most new crafters dread is the texture of the cabinet... To dry and it works so well uncured natural oil-based paint coats tell you sand. Real wood or just varnished wood for 15 minutes on that blue buffet in dining... To reach with a primer or a primer before hand work with wax unfortunately it so! Water with slight improvement steps on how to beautifully paint furniture built-ins installed put polyurethane varnish Spar!