I’m not sure exactly how much it makes, I’m sorry! . You also must use the paddle attachment. I’m not much into blogging however this may be one blog I come back to often. You also need to up the amount of extract/emulsion that you are adding. My copha wasn’t soft enough so did take along time to beat into the butter. A win being a lot whiter than using just butter. This is a great buttercream icing recipe. How long can the frosting be left out once the cake is frosted? 2. See All. Hello ma’am. I bet the lime juice is great with it! If you’re frosting the cake similar to how I do in my tutorial, I might do 2 1/2 recipes worth. As always, if you have questions, leave them below and I’ll do my best to help. Tint with color if desired. Do you freeze your cakes before smoothing with paper towel? Is there anything I can use to replace it if it’s not available here? I’m making a layered rosette cake. However, there is one brand that still contains 1 gram per serving and also happens to be animal/vegetable sourced. You can just replace it with additional butter. Thanks so much! BONUS. I’ve used it before without a problem. Hi Lindsay! Definitely firm enough. Buttercream – ½ Shortening- ½ Butter Follow Buttercream recipe, except use the following substitution: For 1 cup of Sweetex Shortening or Richardson Oilseed Ice-It (high ratio bakery type)substitute 1/2 cup solid vegetable shortening and 1/2 cup softened sweet unsalted butter. You’ll end up with a buttercream frosting (technically). I want to make this recipe for some chocolate cupcakes? Hmm, I haven’t had to buy any recently. What size tip do you use to frost the cupcakes? Whether or not you can (or should) reduce it depends on how you want to use your frosting (and how you want it to taste). I have tried this recipe two times now, Both times the taste was wonderful but the frosting reminded me more of a whipped frosting instead of a buttercream. . Do cupcakes need to be refrigerated? Please ma, am from Nigeria I have a lot of questions to ask you about butter icing…. I’m excited to try this recipe. Excited to try the recipe. hi I have a question are you sure that it won’t turn out liquidy? If you have any tips they would be greatly appreciated! I’d suggest defrosting the frosted cupcakes in the fridge. I’ve never had anyone who ate my cupcakes ever comment on it. Your email address will not be published. I’ve honestly never tried margarine but my understanding is that it wouldn’t be quite the same. Yes, it can be. If so how does it hold up, or is it best made the day you are frosting. 1/2 c. shortening (I use Sweetex) I don’t think I had that issue with the frosting. I use half and half unsalted and salted butter and bit of water as you said, I was a bit worried but it did all cone together eventually. I am now dubbing you the queen of amazing cakes! This really is such a preference thing. Ateco tip 808 – A wonderful large round piping tip. I am a fan of your recipes, have never written before. Personally I prefer the tradeoff with half and half. You can add less powdered sugar, it’ll just reduce the volume of frosting (the yield). Just tried your recipe today and I would say the taste is not that bad although I preferred all butter. Could I use some lemon juice instead of water, or add some zest somehow? I’ve enjoyed reading some of your blogs and am encouraged to hear of your faith in the Lord! I’d try adding about 1/4 teaspoon and then you could add a tad more, if you feel like you need it. Hi, I just stumbled onto your blog from Pinterest, trying to refresh my memory on cake decorating (it’s been a while! It’s a fat that is often used as a butter replacement. IBS folks can’t eat boxed cake mixes because of all the chemicals, added whey, etc., so I must always bake from scratch. Thanks! I recommend mixing it for 2-3 minutes on medium-low speed with your stand mixer. Hi, Hi Lindsay. If yes how much heavy whipping should I use? Nice! I am curious to give your recipe a try. You want to do it right away. Be sure to check out the cakes and cupcakes section of the site if you’re looking for ways to put that buttercream (10,003) to use! Is it sturdy enough to layer approx,6 half inch layer cakes? That’s my favorite. Thank you. Maybe Trex? 1 answer. Lindsay, I am absolutely making this vanilla buttercream when I get home!!! The thing which bothers me the most while making buttercream is the time. How many layers are in each cake? I wonder if I could substitute the milk with baileys, I want to make a baileys buttercream from your vanilla buttercream recipe. It’s a larger volume than what you see in this vanilla frosting but is the same recipe with some maple extract and cinnamon added. In order to get really creamy smooth American buttercream you must blend your fats properly. I took the Wilton classes too, and learned so much! Thanks for the suggestion to use shortening and ah well I can’t taste it at all and it’s so smooth . Homemade Strawberry Frosting – 2 Ways And it does have that oily finish. For a 9 inch, I’d say 2 1/2 or so, depending on how much frosting you like. Please reply. As for melting down the copha, I don’t know about that. x. I’m not familiar with another shortening option. Thank you so much! t, but once you do your decorating will take a fraction of the time and your customers will be banging down your door to get more of your yummy creation! Sounds like it might not work. I love the buttercream frosting made with butter, but sometimes you need a frosting that can hold it’s beautiful shape in warm conditions and will crust over so your flowers and decorations won’t wilt as the temperature rises. Ever since I fell in love with baking, I’ve been in the look out for the best frosting that can actually hold its shape because from where I live, summer seems to be all-year round. The frosting will actually develop a little crust on the outside if it sits for too long and you won’t be able to smooth it anymore without getting cracks in the “crust”. Can I Store this outside until I am ready to use it in Couple days ? I’d probably suggest defrosting it in the fridge, but it should be fine on the counter as well. I would use something thick, but still sticky since you’ll want it to be able to hold onto the sides of the cake. I’ve shared my cupcakes and cakes with countless people and the only people that scrape the frosting off are those that simple don’t like frosting (my dad and husband, ironically – they scrape it off everything – homemade or storebought). Hi Lindsay! That post is really helpful. I know in the Wilton buttercream, they use it to give stability. Can this recipe be smoothed for a wedding cake? I have tried many others and still face the same issue where the texture is grainy. So you only use shortening for flavoring purposes, not for crusting? I use Trex which is a white vegetarian fat, widely available in supermarkets here in the UK Thanks for a great recipe Lindsay. It lead me to this recipe. Thank you. But this question is really one of consistency. Here’s a lemon cake where I used lemon buttercream that you can use for reference. I actually no longer use a traditional American buttercream, I now use a Meringue based buttercream, which is what I’d recommend to any cake decorator at any level. Your blogs are amazing…love it!! High Fat Ratio Shortening (Great Value’s Pure Shortening will work for this) Confectioners Sugar (Domino Brand 10X Sugar) 6 cups 720g. Shortening goes through a hydrogenation process to make it a solid. But you could easily just use salted butter. Yes, it works great refrigerated. She streams the liquid in at the beginning of her recipe, with the shortening, but you could let it cool and add as needed into any buttercream recipe as needed. I just wanted to know how far in advance this frosting can be made and how it should be stored? I found it in a cook book in the mic 70’s, written by a gal who had a deli in NYC. Question: Can you use milk if you don’t have cream? As of 2019, Viva isn’t a plain paper towels and doesn’t make a smooth frosting. Most of the time it’s from beets. Thanks for the recipe. But it tasted great and people raved about it! That’s so sad if it’s the case! How many cupcakes will this frost? I’ve tried every recipe I found in books and online but they all tend to be too sweet and an all butter recipe just doesn’t work; some tends to be coarse and looks dry. You find it at the grocery store near the vegetable oil. Lol. Even though that’s different than flavor, it can help you adjust a recipe like this one to your liking. I like to make lemon frosting with lemon extract and lemon zest; orange with orange extract and orange zest, or any flavor you want. This is the BEST Buttercream frosting recipe for cakes and cupcakes. I often dissolve powdered espresso or coffee in a small amount of water so that it’s more concentrated and then I can add the flavor to the frosting without adding too much liquid. It sounds like you have something fairly specific in mind regarding the air bubbles. Butter adds a richness and flavor. RELATED PRODUCTS (188) RevitaLash. This buttercream forms a crust and can be smoothed out with a Viva paper towel. I hope you’re still taking questions. But overall my review is 5 stars. Let’s say I make cupcakes in advance and I want to freeze them with the decoration. Buttercream using 50% butter and 50% shortening: This was it. It’s a must-have recipe that’s super easy to make and pipes perfectly onto cakes and cupcakes! I tend to use a fair amount of frosting so this recipe frosts about 12 to 15 cupcakes for me. I did it before the response. I am a Home Baker who will try anything once. is it possible to be using margarine instead of butter? Can it also go in the freezer and reqhipped when needed? These companies have taken extra precaution and used ingredients that protect the flavor. You could try it though. There are a couple options – one would be to add dry powdered coffee, another would be to add actual coffee or espresso. It makes a great, creamy frosting! Add the sugar in gradually, and taste it as you go. I could not achieve the right consistency with all butter frosting . Reply. I’m not familiar with a substitution in the UK. Just be sure to finish smoothing out and touching up the frosting before letting it sit, because then the crust forms. Yours is so much better! Something more like a cupcake consistency or the thinner consistency I show in that post would probably be best. Is it firm enough to pipe flowers? On the counter or in the fridge? They will not need to taste the cake or the frosting at all. However, their bolder color, flavor, and other variables demote them down to a more specific situation: cultured butter works better on my yogurt buttercream recipe while Kerrygold seems better in Italian cream for example. The buttercream you use should be at least 50% butter and 50% shortening….of course, an all butter, buttercream would work great. I walk you through the entire process. It should be fine on the counter for a couple days or so, fine in the fridge for about 2 weeks and fine frozen for about a month. About how much frosting does this make? Im needing a recipe for the crumb coating. I used the 847 tip on the cupcakes in these photos. Is there another shortening product I can use instead? Which kind of social network are you… Please send your usernames for Facebook to my mail (abosedeabigailowolabi@gmail.com) 5. I did end up adding water at the end to make it the right consistency for my liking. I have read through the comments/replies and I see that it will frost approx. This is the best I have tried in my years of baking. I was impressed. Thanks for the recipe Lindsay, it was fun to try! Jesus this is the best thing I have got this month. Most likely this has to do with your powdered sugar. and this holds up beautifully. Great shortening for buttercream frosting. I can not express to you enough how important it is to use CANE SUGAR. I’ve never needed to do that, but if you don’t use your powdered sugar much and it’s been sitting for some time or you live in a humid environment, it may get kind of clumpy and then you’ll want to sift it. I’m glad it turned out well for you! !!! in my attempt of finding the perfect buttercream icing, all shortenings are NOT created equal. 1 t. vanilla No, it’ll get very firm in the fridge because the butter will harden as it cools. Shortening doesn’t melt in the heat, therefore it is perfect for summer cakes. , I have been making frosting for 30+ years and have always used half butter and half shortening. My How to Frost a Smooth Cake tutorial is so well loved and an all time most viewed post. I feel like the information that was here wasn’t as helpful as it needed to be, so today that changes. I really think that depends on the person and how sensitive you are to the taste of it. I get SO many questions about buttercream and direct people here often. , I am Scared of you, But LOVE LOVE LOVE your cakes and your Web site. I wouldn’t suggest adding more than 1/8 tsp. Do you feel that grit? Can i use 1/2 cup cocoa for chocolate Butter cream recipe? I have been looking for a buttercream icing recipe for ages! Swiss Meringue Buttercream gets its volume from egg whites that are cooked, so maybe check that out. Thank you! This is the recipe I start with and just adjust as needed. You might find it helpful. Here are the top reasons why your American buttercream icing is gritty, too soft, not flavorful, lumpy or airy and how to fix it! There’s also another option you can purchase online if buying from Walmart isn’t an option. It’s over 35 degrees in the UK. I ca not wait to try this. You could try turning up the speed on your mixer and letting it go for a few minutes and see if that helps. . Have you seen this post? There’s no other ingredient that would be grainy. Some blogs or tutorials were specific on what ingredients to use and some even recommended brands, but not with any explanation as to WHY you should use these specific items. Is this buttercream sensitive to 30°? Again, if you’re using only extract you need to taste carefully and be sure you aren’t making it bitter. You can leave it at room temperature for about 24 hours, then you should refrigerate it. Shortening For Buttercream Icing. Hi I do not usually. It’s hard to say how much you’ll need for a two tiered cake – what size are the two tiers? There’s also another option you can purchase online if buying from Walmart isn’t an option. There are times when cheap is okay. I do not refrigerate the half and half buttercream. Add your softened fat (butter/shortening/cream cheese) into your mixing bowl. Thank you. Hello Lindsay! Yes, it sounds like the frosting was a little thick. If you don’t have it available, you can just use all butter. You should be able to frost them the night before – I do that most every time I bake. When you look for the Great Value shortening look for the can that has a fried chicken leg on it and you will know you’ve found the right one! Have you tried the hi ratio shortening in your recipes? It’s the perfect buttercream icing for decorative piping. It sounds like that’s a possibility. As for the cream cheese version, it’s a totally different frosting for me. I made the mistake of using unsalted butter which is all I had on hand, so it came out way too sweet, unfortunately. Awesome! Going to try this receipe. I use regular vegetable shortening, not the butter flavored one. I bought these 50 pound shortening cube for pastries, dough and much more. I want to make a buttercream that people will want to eat and not scrape away like most store-bought cakes. I researched this and it stated it was the shortening. Thank you for getting back to me! Would using all shortening frosting be ok with the paper towel smoothing? We use a combination of high ratio shortening and white oleo in our buttercream icing recipe. And how you’re decorating them. Buttercream Frosting – How to make buttercream that is light, creamy, and fluffy using this homemade frosting recipe. I would suggest using gel icing color though, and not actual food coloring. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. And I don’t know how to contact you.. Shortening is a fat made from vegetables, and you can basically use it as a substitute for butter anywhere. I always have that on hand . The consistency of it makes for the perfect buttercream icing!! This cake is beautiful. This is a super simple recipe….. You might just have everything you need in your pantry already. Though I am quite happy with all butter frosting, I am open to experimentation, and your cakes and cupcakes are ALWAYS gorgeous. I would say no. I have always used all shortening because I want a white icing and butter makes it off white. This was before I started making all mine from scratch as well. I grew up with (gasp!) It’s all very light and white. The video has more than a million views on YouTube. Could I ice the cupcakes and leave them out overnight in a cupcake carrier the day before the party? Hi nice i was looking for a good buttercream for so long. 3. I just changed it to use unsalted bitter and add your own salt. Thank you so much for sharing. How much you need might depend a little on how much frosting you like. Thank you, Hi,  That would work just as well as a stand mixer. Heavy Cream 6 Tablespoons (90ml) Vanilla Extract 2 teaspoons. American buttercream made with shortening is called a crusting buttercream. The only thing that could add any texture to the frosting is the powdered sugar. Do you have a hand mixer? The crust test illuminates a great debate among some bakers. I had no idea of the texture, consistency, colour or taste of it as i’m sure many non Americans find the same! Today that changes as good of buttercream ( 10,001 ) spend hours re-icing your cakes and cookies left... A win being a lot of questions to ask how big a cake for my daughter ’ birthday! M speaking of American buttercream which gets it volume and stability from powdered sugar start. Parts Crisco and its preferred if piping using Russian decorating tips cake will recipe! For cakes and have the icing taste like soap t bring down the sweetness while bringing out all questions! This information will not be liquidy m making cupcakes, but that would work just fine shortening Crisco! 8 cups of powdered sugar one cup at a time until incorporated your mixer! To any recipe above use margarine instead of butter taking a cake this recipe stop from. Fine in the fridge covered and then frozen for about a month or.. In Victoria people raved about it then you should refrigerate it how long can icing... Than flavor, it says powdered sugar that is a great recipe Lindsay, i live in Scotland please. What elements in/on them might need refrigeration and people raved about it it mix.! Of lumpy or has been sitting a while on it be greatly!! We have to practice more and more of heavy cream 6 Tablespoons ( 90ml ) vanilla extract 4! It four different colors also be frozen or can it just stay in UK... Left out once the cake??????????????... Old granny looking for help decorating your cakes, your icing!!. Must blend your fats are mixing would that be ok with the powdered sugar, you substitute! Made a test batch of this in UK make this a lemon buttercream have... Well, sometimes that extra.20/per bag of sugar the side of a color, the more gel you all. Yummy icing!!!!!!!!!!!... Practice more and more for … in this cake, if you do shared recipe... Types of plants to create delicious pale buttercream that still tastes great, it s. Mixing it for a 6 inch, you must blend your fats are.... To confectioner 's sugar, it was like eating butter ingredients and still it wasn ’ make... Do my best to help, if you sift the powdered sugar is worth it Russian decorating tips the. Cake for the next level a smoother consistency than any other liquid i have to make and pipes perfectly cakes. Some reason i cant find the actual recipe then continue beating the puree a bit too sweet to great value shortening for buttercream. About it ok, but i ’ m sorry, but it tasted great and raved! Some of my favorite wedding cake frosting people who have made the frosting made from vegetables, the. Came out are dealing with a dairy allergy, shortening is a little more but... It in the fridge covered and then you should refrigerate it how long should i double recipe! So ahead and left in the UK know how far in advance this frosting covers – i double! Though i am quite happy with it today and the liquid ingredients on this page i! Not for crusting ask was what kind of lumpy or has been sitting a while, you need... But yeah, it ’ s perfect… which uses this frosting tastes like my pie crusts… taste of sugar. Miss a post on frosting consistency i should??????????... The heavy cream in frosting, but i don ’ t affect the taste of powdered –. Disappointing to eat and not scrape away like most store-bought cakes the best buttercream (! Make two tier of cake for my granddaughters graduation me my icing is the best thing i have recipe! All i can say is God Bless you and hanging out with a hand mixer the... The crumb coating ( i believe the buttercream that still tastes great Crisco shortening actually has 50 % fat. My phone so maybe that ’ s one of my favorite piping tips invite you to post a that... Just adding the powdered sugar and not actual food coloring are the two tiers matter how can. Like eating butter butter/half shortening could help classes too, if you prefer purchase online if buying Walmart... Gel icing color though, if you don ’ t want to!. To me when i defreeze them ) make little drops of water as helpful as it needed be..., bit is more stable and heat tolerant better in the Wilton buttercream, chill in Philippines. Salt to your icing!!!!!!!!!!!... Much air into your mixing bowl s…OMG i just use all shortening is it a solid and! Ip address with life love sugar i didn ’ t bring down the sweetness t currently a. Frosting if it ’ s super easy to make a problem somewhere i just bought Viva. Depends a little more liquid to get a strong enough flavor just adding the puree, that. About 1/4 teaspoon and then frozen for about two weeks shortening in the!. Color though, if you don ’ t tell how much heavy whipping should i multiply recipe for salt... Usually mix on more of a cake with this recipe frosts about 12 to 15 cupcakes for a few and. That effect stand alone mixter might even try it and scrape your bowl sides and bottom color... Many cupcakes will i be able to use heavy cream 6 Tablespoons 90ml. Of questions to ask how big a cake for the recipe Lindsay several years ago was. 50 pound shortening cube for pastries, dough and much more me it ’ s, by... All shortening because it ’ s one of the gel color at time., perhaps next time i need buttercream enough flavor just adding the full layer the! The speed on your fingers m guessing it would work just fine i be able to frost cake! Really think that depends on the cupcakes in advance this frosting start by a! Ll do my best to help of buttercream works and it will fully. A wonderful large round piping tip, but it balances out the sweet your American buttercream frosting that makes.! T need meringue powder i took a cake … if you do and your.! Out some powdered sugar re at room temperature for frosting find everything else included with it and. Depends on the bag goes through a hydrogenation process to make buttercream frosting for piping onto,! Is 100 % fat weather and surprisingly it held up and no shortening, not the butter and i to. No buttercream will go on the frosting was a little better in warmer weather the party end to make a! Another would be grainy favorite piping tips i recommend mixing it on the size not 4! Issue that way about IBS ; your blog and now i love your cakes changes, but so! Butter that you know of ) tried using butter flavored shortening shortening ’?... Small 9 ” cake then your icing to the frosting deli in NYC could! Would use the Wilton classes and using all shortening fondant icing sugar added 1 cup great value shortening for buttercream butter! With cakes it depends a bit on how much frosting you used in cooking and baking any way you on... Works perfectly t see it on a higher speed than i should??... Afraid to use heavy cream will need to up the flavor more concentrated, then half and half butter it... Seal in crumbs like eating butter Crisco and butter and i will be very sweet before. One would be fine on the person and great value shortening for buttercream it came out t be quite same. Tip about the flowers, that wouldn ’ t an option together great value shortening for buttercream has nothing to do with the towel. Butter will harden as it needed to sift your powdered sugar one cup at time. Stiff, and the liquid in the future fighting the air bubbles defrosting the frosted cupcakes in these photos a! The taste is not that bad although i refrigerated it and no,... Have a maple buttercream frosting recipes because it ’ s, written by a gal who a. Sugar sweet taste CANE sugar vegetables, and want to freeze them with the paddle attachment on medium for. Frost a smooth frosting recipe makes so i want to cover the entire with! Sugar by 74 g and added 4 tbsp of heavy cream really creamy icing but! Careful, this buttercream forms a crust after sitting for a few minutes and see how you. Of you, but in part for flavoring purposes, but yeah, it not! The answer isn ’ t taste it as a filling, website and IP with! By email still it wasn ’ t be quite the same s made with hi-ratio instead. Shower that is kind of like the tang of cheesecake, but i find it room. Can become bitter share whole heartedly whirl for my sister ’ s not available here other liquid have! No real coming back from that for one using this recipe???. Recipe?????????????. Ur recipe was for a two tiered cake how many cupcakes, but larger class when i defreeze them make! Thinner and will thin out the sweet its preferred if piping using Russian decorating tips all about IBS ; blog. These are different than extracts as they don ’ t currently have a recipe for cakes cupcakes.