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SightNet, founded in 2003, is an established national network of independent Optometrists, who qualify for better supplier discounts, through joint purchasing without compromising their own identity as individual businesses. SightNet management was able to negotiate discounts and Optometrists are invited to join SightNet by entering into an agreement with SightNet.


With the necessary systems and procedures in place, SightNet offers Optometrists administrative and financial support functions in their practices. This has a positive effect on the individual practice as the optometrist has more time to focus on getting more feet through the practice doors while at the same time being able to compete with the bigger optometry groups.


SightNet’s suppliers are chosen very selectively to ensure they add the most value to the network and its members. SightNet’s supplier list is quite extensive and product options are varied. SightNet continuously reviews its supplier list, to improve and expand the options available to its members. SightNet’s members can save as much as 35% on purchases from certain suppliers.

Optometrists are not required to purchase exclusively from SightNet’s listed suppliers, however, by supporting these suppliers, members will benefit by purchasing quality products at superior discounted prices as well as enabling SightNet to negotiate further discounts with suppliers based on increased purchasing volumes.

Our suppliers include:

  • Allied Optical
  • Carl Zeiss
  • Damar Optical
  • Ebony Optical
  • GM Optical
  • Luxalite
  • Moscon Optics
  • Optic Trade Link
  • Royal Optical
  • Sightique
  • Ultra Optics
  • Yellow Zebra Optical
  • Carl Zeiss
  • Essilor
  • Hill Optics
  • HML Optics
  • Emerald (Lustre)
  • Indico Optical Company
  • OS Optical
Contact Lenses
  • Cooper Vision
  • Imithi (Ciba)


How to qualify for membership

Unlike most purchasing groups and networks, membership to SightNet is free of charge, which further assists you, the independent optometrist, financially. In addition, there are no monthly membership or administration fees and no hidden cost. SightNet offers an administrative and financial support function only. You are not required to re-brand or display any branded material in your practice and are able to maintain your own identity.

SightNet in return markets its service offering to optometrists who are willing to show a commitment to the group by:

  • Supporting the listed SightNet suppliers
  • Being creditworthy
  • Settling accounts promptly
  • Showing purchasing growth


Suppliers & Discounts

  • Significant negotiated supplier discount sharing
  • Discount sharing from day one
  • Discounts apply regardless of order size
  • Benefit from any new supplier negotiated discounts
  • Reputable suppliers, chosen selectively who offer quality products and reliable after sales service


  • Pay only one creditor – SightNet
  • Convenient 30 days payment term
  • No need to open supplier accounts in your name


  • Direct financial benefit: Increase profitability through reduced input costs
  • NO monthly fee
  • NO joining fees
  • NO marketing fee
  • NO hidden costs


  • Lowered risk as no minimum stock levels are required to qualify for further discounts
  • Order only what you need


  • You keep your own identity
  • No re-branding of practice

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I am interested in joining SightNet, what is the next step?

A: Complete an application form and fax it to SightNet. Membership gets approved based on a prior credit check. You can obtain the purchasing application form by phoning our office on 018 788 2397/8 or send a fax to our office requesting to have the application form faxed back to you on fax number, 018 788 2399.

Q: How long does it take before I can commence my purchasing through SightNet?

A: Once a signed Purchasing Agreement is received back by SightNet a single account number is opened for you with each approved SightNet supplier within 10 days where after purchasing can commence.

Q: How much discount will I receive from SightNet Suppliers?

A: You can save up to 35% on purchases from certain listed suppliers, however the exact discount structure are set out in SightNet’s Purchasing agreement, which you will receive upon completion of your application form.

Q: How do I purchase through SightNet?

A: By quoting your new SightNet account numbers on a need-to-know-basis, you purchase products directly from the suppliers. Products and invoices are delivered to you, which gives you control over when and to what amount you want to purchase products. This also means you retain your relationship with suppliers and sales representatives who will still visit your practice to introduce new products.

Q: How do I settle my account with SightNet?

A: SightNet provides you with a detailed monthly statement on the 25th of each month summarising all the purchases made during the month. You settle your accounts with SightNet electronically or via credit card on a 30 day from statement date basis. Products purchased during the month are only payable by the 25th of the following month.

Interested to join?

Should you wish to receive further information and immediately reap the benefits of supplier discounts, fill in the form with your details and a SightNet representative will contact you.

Contact Us

Tel: 018 788 2397/8
Fax: 018 788 2399
Email: ahoman@gvo.co.za

Physical Address:

Shop 3
S Buys Business Park,
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